Right To Concealed Carry

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Currently, the right to conceal carry differs throughout the fifty states. For example, in Arizona, no permit is required to legally carry a concealed firearm, but in the neighboring state of California, a permit is required, according to both state websites. If a resident of Arizona was traveling to California on vacation, and concealed carried their firearm within the state, they would be charged with a crime. This pattern continues throughout the fifty states: there is no singular license. According to the tenth Amendment, powers not specified as belonging to the federal government are reserved to the states. As this bill does not specify a singular nationally regulated license, it is still up to individual states to decide whether concealed…show more content…
One may attribute the increased rate of violence in the U.S. to guns, and while this may hold some truth, the fact remains that the mere presence of guns does not cause violence. Gun ownership is at about twenty five percent per capita in Switzerland, yet the homicide rate was about point five per hundred thousand residents, according to the Swiss Federal Government. Violence rates in the U.S. are not just because of the presence of guns; guns and peace can coincide. In addition to this, tighter legal regulations do not necessarily reduce violence, as about seventy nine percent of gun crimes are caused by illegal gun owners, according to a study conducted by Pittsburg’s Graduate School of Public Health and the Bureau of Police. Why would one with the desire to commit a crime bother obtaining a gun legally when the same gun could be purchased…show more content…
The case of McDonald vs. City of Chicago overturned a previous firearm ban in order to protect one’s Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for self defense. The Supreme Court furthermore ruled that this right applies to state and local governments, as well as federal. This essentially decided that states could not prohibit the ability to carry arms overall. Since the proposed bill allows states to take their own stance on concealed carry, it merely acts as an extension of the second amendment in providing registered firearm owners with the right to defend themselves through concealed carry across the nation, if stated by their state of
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