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A 53-year-old German Doctor has been charged with negligent bodily harm after a woman he had declared dead woke up a few hours later in a refrigerated room at a funeral home.

The 92- year old woman was found without a pulse and not breathing in her room at the retirement home she lived in. The doctor who was called found her in the similar state and declared her dead and had her body was transferred to a funeral home. According to the head of the retirement home Lother Burger, this had never happened before. He said "the terrible and inexplicable" incident had led to a press feeding frenzy. "We are being devoured by the press" he said to a Daily Mail reporter "we are bring pilloried."

This is not the kind of thing that happens everyday,
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There have been incredible stories of dead people waking up hours later alive and literarily kicking their way out of body bags in the morgue or stepping out of actual coffins. There has been debates over how this could happen. How dead can a dead person be in order to be legitimately declared as dead and with no likelihood of the Lazarus effect happening? Some people in the medical community believe that death should not be treated as a single event but a process that involves the ceasing of different mechanisms. Apparently, having no pulse or breath does not immediately mean tissue and cells have also died. When the heart stops the tissue that makes up the heart gets deprived of oxygen and is subjected to a buildup of toxins that will gradually kill cells. It is only when all the cells have died that the body can technically be described as utterly lifeless. However, tissue and cell degradation can be stunted by a reduction in temperature. At lower temperatures cells can go into a sort of hibernation. This explains why people drowning in icy water can have faint heartbeat that's barely discernible that's because the body tries to conserve life as hard as possible. The medical community have always found cases like these confounding and they have searched for and come up with plausible scientific reasoning but science comes short in other
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