Right To Die Act

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The “Right to die” act should be an option. If you don’t want to fight your disease or you have fought your disease for a long time “The right to die act” should be available. Paragraph four lines ten-twelve claims that “people should have the option to possess the choice to fight a noble fight or die a noble death”. Assuming that you don’t want to be bound to a hospital bed and having the ability to barely do nothing you should have “The right to die act”. Paragraph two line eight states that “Disease takes away so many choices and puts many people at the mercy of doctors and nurses.”. The terminally ill want to make their final choice before staying in a hospital bed for the rest of their life. In the case that you have no one to care for you then you should have “The right to die act.” available to you. Paragraph five lines one-three reveals to us that not all people don’t have people don’t have anyone to help them with their disease. There are a lot of people that are lonely and sick at the same time. The “right to die act” is something that should be a choice.
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