Right To Vote

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“Vote?” “Why would I waste my time on such a pointless task?” This is often said by many young voters. Young people are not convinced that politics affects them. Many just don’t care. Good habits don’t form overnight. Young people need to wake up and realize that your vote really does matter. It is your right to vote, many people don’t have that option. When someone votes, they voice their opinion. That single vote can make a difference, whether it is small or big, a vote is a vote. Young people are not the only ones at blame here, politicians don’t know how to attract the younger generation to appeal them. Young people don’t realize that it is their future at stake. Every vote counts, no matter what. There are a lot of people who don’t bother…show more content…
Just like paying taxes and being forced to do jury duty. We have these duties are limits we put on our freedom to make sure we succeed as a society. The right to vote is one of the many necessary duties citizens of the U.S must carry out to maintain our democracy and benefits that are included. There has also been talk about lowering the voting age to 16. Whenever young people turn 18, they are a legal adult. Teenagers spend majority of their day in a classroom talking nothing about what our country is doing, and how it affects them. But they have no influence on what is…show more content…
There have been many efforts to persuade young people to vote. Some efforts include celebrity appearances, and mock elections. Youth today is attracted to the internet, and some states have adapted the used of E-Voting. According to 2Svensson, Jörgen, and Ronald Leenes, “With E-Voting, it takes the extra step and implies the electronic registration.” (Jörgen, Leenes, 2008 par 5) Most politicians are just looking at the older generation, appealing to them. Not to sound arrogant, but they aren’t going to be here forever. Young voters will not voter for people who they do not recognize into jobs they don’t understand. Majority of people in the U.S. watch T.V, and they use the media to catch up on their daily political news. Over the past decade, the media uses its time to catch candidates off guard and meddling into their lives. There has been little to no effort in reaching the younger generation. Intimidation is a huge factor, politicians are seen as money hungry people who only care for themselves. Politicians don’t believe that young voters will vote, so they won’t bother to reach out to them. A survey by the Australia Institute found that 4“1.2 million young Australians felt no political party represented their needs” (Lucas, Clay, 2013, par 8). Many people believe that if there were young politicians in office, it would have a big impact on young voters. Young people need politicians who are engaged with issues that
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