Essay on Right Wing Resurgence

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Right Wing Resurgence

In the mist of a disgruntled working class, one Austrian born man rose to power, playing on their fears of immigrants, unemployment and globalization. By mixing social populism, xenophobia, German nationalism with personal charisma, he was able to make his political party one of the strongest in his nation. Many would believe that this would be a description of the infamous dictator Adolph Hitler. Rather, it is a description of Jorg Haider, recent governor of the Austrian state of Carinthia and former leader of the Austrian Freedom Party. Austria's freedom party has increased it's power significantly in the last few years. No other party in Austria has more workers among its voters. Also the Austrian
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Both of these parties have been able to obtain much political recognition in their countries. They also share many of the same characteristics, as well as tactics that have allowed them to become successful. First, both parties are lead by very charismatic leaders. The Swiss People's Party is lead by the industrialist Christoph Blocher, while the Freedom Party is lead by Jorg Haider. Both men are extremely charismatic and energetic. Secondly, these two parties carry much of the same policy, like incoherent economic policies, a rejection of European integration, and ugly attacks on immigrants. Oddly, both leaders also have similar views on WWII and the Holocaust. Christoph Blocher once praised a book that claimed that the Holocaust never took place, while Jorg Haider has publicly praised Hitler's employment practices, and called SS veterans "patriots" (UPI). Similar leaders is not the only thing that the Freedom Party and the Swiss People's Party have in common. Both parties gain power by playing on people's fear of losing what they have. For example, both parties claim that immigration is taking jobs away from citizens. Austria however has 4 percent unemployment, which is less than half of the European Average. Despite an economic downturn, Switzerland continues to be one of the world's wealthiest nations. (UPI) While Austria and Switzerland currently have the strongest radical

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