Right to Abortion Essay

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Right to Abortion

Abortion has always been a controversial subject among everybody whether they are involved directly or indirectly, whether they are for it or against it. It is nearly impossible to find someone who doesn't have an opinion about abortion. Both those who favor or oppose abortion make superior arguments to defend their beliefs and views. Personally, I think every last person is entitled to his or her own opinions, beliefs, thoughts, and rights. And yes, women have rights too, and denying women the right to choose abortion in the early stages of fetal development is denying her rights as a US citizen and is also discriminating against her. I think that abortion should be restricted to the first 21 weeks, which
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That would not only affect the motherâ??s life, but that would affect the babyâ??s life also. That child would never be average, never be happy and would feel sad for not being like the other children. It takes so much energy, will power, dedication, prayers and money to take care of an ill-fated baby and that is why they commonly end up in institutions regardless of how much they are loved. And the worse thing is there is not much they can achieve in their lives. What kind of life would that baby have if the mother passes away while in labor or delivering? There is only so much a father can do. How fair would that be? If the woman is not prepared financially, emotionally and physically, she should have the choice; every child should be wanted. After all, there are enough children out there that are either on welfare, foster care or abused. They might also feel rejected by society, by their parents who did not want them in the first place, and might rebel later on in their teen years. Pro-life wants abortion to become illegal; they think that itâ??s murder. They say the baby is innocent, did nothing to deserve being killed, did not ask to be born and has the right to live. Which is understandable and logical but the fetus has no feelings or memories, it is just a mass of tissues at first. But think about the result, think

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