Rights : The Importance Of LGBT Adoption Rights

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Esperanza Rios
Professor Clough
AP Art Studio
27 November 2017 LGBT Adoption Rights: The Importance of Providing Stable, Loving Homes for Parentless Youth In the United States, every child has the right to develop healthily, and with the ever growing number of kids without a family to look after them, they deserve to receive a warm welcome by whoever would accept them as their own. Foster care children in particular already struggle greatly due to loss and trauma. In more awful circumstances, vast amounts of youth will age out of the foster care system and fall into the risk of becoming jobless or homeless. This information in mind should be enough to make changes accordingly in order to prevent such consequences. The thousands of children waiting to be adopted have raised an argument among the public about whether same-sex couples should have the same adoption rights as straight couples. Progressive change has already been achieved with the legalization of same-sex adoption throughout all 50 states, but many still oppose the ruling and restrictions exist in some areas when it comes to fostering. For this nation to truly stand for social equality and provide for its youth, a parent’s sexuality should not have be a determining factor in the adoption process. Foremost, a consensus can definitely be made about the fact that children need homes. According to AdoptUSKids, more than 100,000 children are waiting to be adopted and about 20,000 age out of the system each year. It
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