Rights and Ethics: What We Need

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Many countries around the world agree on two basic rights, the right to liberty and the right to ones own life. Outside of these most basic human and civil rights, what do we deserve, and do these rights apply to animals as well? Human rights worldwide need to be increased and an effort made to improve lives. We must also acknowledge that “just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures” (Dalai Lama). Animals are just as capable of suffering as we are, and an effort should be made to increase their rights. Governments around the world should establish special rights that ensure the advancement and end of suffering of all sentient creatures, both human and non-human. Everyone and…show more content…
The only time capital punishment should be allowed is in very extreme cases like crimes against humanity and genocide when the human race as a whole suffers. While less extreme than euthanasia and capital punishment, assisting poverty-stricken regions is also important in limiting human suffering. Providing things such as shelter, clean drinking water, food, and much-needed medical attention can improve lives exponentially and help decrease global suffering. Now, what about our non-human neighbors? They have no say in their rights and treatment as they are physical unable to debate about them. But we, as humans, need to remember that animals have distinct personalities, emotions, and are just as capable of suffering as we are. “Since pain is a totally subjective mental experience, we do not have direct access to anyone or anything's pain but our own,” (Wallace 505) and we may not be aware of how much we make certain animals suffer. While eating meat does not need to stop completely, an effort should be made to cut down on the sheer amount of animal meat eaten. Even if all one does is not eat meat for a single day a week, every little bit helps. Americans as a whole try to avoid thinking about where the food on their plate came from, especially in particular when it is mammal meat. We have no problem calling fish 'fish' and chicken 'chicken,' yet plates are also filled with 'pork' and 'beef' that masks the idea of killing a fellow mammal. Try hard “to
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