Riley: A Fictional Narrative

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“Come on, Riley. It’s okay” the human called. Riley shifted uncomfortably. This was the first time that he was expected to wear the ‘gear’ that the humans used for ‘guide dogs’. It was noisy, uncomfortable, and kind of itchy. It wrapped around him in a way that he was completely unused to, and he wasn’t so sure that he could walk with this thing on. He also felt kind of ridiculous with the large handle sticking out of his back. The human, who Riley often heard being called ‘the trainer’, took something out of her pocket. Wait...what was that? What was that amazing smell! Meat! Delicious meat! The trainer held the treat out in front of her, waving it so that the aroma drifted over into his sensitive dog nostrils and called Riley again. This time, he managed to waddle forward awkwardly. He wanted that yummy meat-stuff!…show more content…
His rigorous training continued for a long time in Riley’s mind. As a dog, he didn’t keep track of time the same way that the humans did, but he did notice that the world was covered in something cold and white and then freed from it twice before he finally got to meet his
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