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In the text “Letters To A Young Poet” Rilke seems to have a subtly rude tone in the passage. Rilke often criticizes Franz in a mature manner so it doesn't seem as such. Then, towards the end of the of the paragraph he begins to give him some advice and constructively criticize Franz. From the third paragraph to end of the text Rilke is giving genuine advice as to how to make his career to the best of his ability. Franz, as a hopeful 19 year old, sent a letter to a man name Rilke. When Franz sent his letter he was looking for guidance and realization on his letter. When Franz received his letter he was being insulted even though the wording made it sound less harsh than it was. The text reads, “With this note as a preface, may I just tell you that your verses have no style of their own, although they do have silent and hidden beginnings of something personal.” The quote demonstrates the the harshness when he says that his verses were not that good and the wording such as the silent and hidden meanings behind his work. He was proud of his work, but Rilke not only studied the text, her studied Franz as well. “You ask whether your verses are any good. You ask me. You have asked others before this. You send them to magazines. You compare them with other poems, and you are upset when certain editors reject your work.” The previous quote reveals that Rilke read the letter and the writer as well. Rilke proved that Franz was looking for a specific answer; he was looking for someone
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