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A Case Study of: Research in Motion: Managing Explosive Growth Written By: Mike Gosine Liang Guo Derek Rempel April Whitteron MGT 4090 Prof. Brad Olson University of Lethbridge March 18, 2013 Company Analysis SWOT Strengths: RIM was strategically centered in Waterloo which allowed them to capture a large portion of their recruiting from the of University of Waterloo’s engineering and computer science graduates and also through co-op programs. RIM prides itself on maintaining its ‘unique culture’ and making employees aware that they are valuable members of the team. This strengthens RIM’s internal structure through reducing employee turnover and having happy employees who enjoy their jobs and in-turn demonstrate good…show more content…
Another problem that arises by growing globally is the cryptographic software because most governments regulate “the import and export of encryption products due to national security issues”. Other factors such as communication, and organizational design are threatening RIM’s internal structure with the expansion into the global market. RIM’s competitors such as Apple, android and other smart-phone manufacturers pose a threat as new technologies become available and as they penetrate deeper into the market competing with RIM. It is important for RIM to stay on the leading edge and to continue to gain market share and acquire new customers. Issues at RIM Research In Motion is a telecommunication wireless equipment company based out of Waterloo Canada. The case “Research in Motion: Managing Explosive Growth” presents many issues, all of which revolve around RIM’s research and development department. The cellular telephone industry relies on companies to be innovative in order to compete; the major problem for RIM was building this department to keep up with growth. Starting out RIM was positioned very well and was first to market with “push email”. This made RIM very attractive to corporate customers and earned them a majority market share in North America. As revenues grew their

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