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Research in Motion’s Blackberry Storm

Case Study #1

Presented by Simona Antolak, Lianne Hung, Adrian Ver, Michelle Noble, Meghan Hardy and Dexter Holmes.

Set D


What product strategies should Research in Motion use to differentiate the Blackberry Storm from the competition to increase sales?
Facts relating to the case:
Who: Research in motion, the developers of Blackberry. Mike Lazaridis, Doug Fregin and Mike Barnstijn.
When: Sales figures of 2009.
Where: Canadian-based company in the global market.
Why: The sales of Blackberry have not met the competition’s.
• Apple has dominance over the consumer market for smart phones.
• Other competitions are entering the
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For the business group the phone will be no frills and focused on being quick and well designed to appeal to people who want all their work on the go; a simple and slick design with focus on email and organizational planners. For the less tech savvy (40+) we want a phone that they don’t have to ask their kids how to use, very user friendly with obvious functions, large buttons and easy to read interface. These new user interfaces have the opportunity to expand into smaller demographics depending on what people want in the future. Along with the new user interfaces RIM will release a new ad campaign focusing on the new usability of the Storm with commercials and magazine/news paper ads focusing on the new interface designs of the Storm with a slogan of “Blackberry storm, it’s what YOU want”
Advantages: (1) It caters to a variety of markets satisfying individual needs and wants. RIM will be offering three interfaces: teens, business and elderly. (2) Creates a competitive advantage over the competitors with a user friendly interface. (3) Opens up new markets that have not been tapped into.
Disadvantages: (1) It is uncertain how the target market will respond to the change in the software. (2) People may take offense to being placed into preconceived categories. (3) Takes more time and money to develop the interfaces.

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