Rim: Case Study

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Comm 401
Research In Motion: Case Analysis

Comm 401
Research In Motion: Case Analysis

Table of Contents
External Analysis1-3
Porter Analysis1-2
Pestel Analysis3
Internal Analysis3-6
Resource Analysis4
VRIN Analysis4-5
Capabilities Analysis5-6
Works Cited7-8
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Research In Motion (RIM) is a Canadian multinational telecommunications company that designs, manufactures and sells cellular phones and other communication devices. RIM’s success started in August 1998 when they launched the inter@active pager 950. In 2003 RIM became one of the most recognized brand names with the introduction of their most popular device the BlackBerry. In June 2011, RIM announced that
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In 2011, Apple increased their market share from 15.6% to 19% while RIM fell from 16% to 10.4% (Global Mobile Statistics, 2012). There are several different prospering smart phone brands that are negatively impacting RIM’s financial success. Not only are there a large number of competitors, but they are also well known companies such as Sony, Samsung, Google, and Apple to name a few. These are dominant companies in the electronics sector and all of which have large fixed costs so they must operate at economies of scale and produce near capacity. In turn, they have to sell all these products so that competition becomes more aggressive (Clegg pg.62). These companies all have the competitive advantage of offering their consumers another product lines whereas BlackBerry only offers phones and the new PlayBook which hasn’t been overly successful.

In conclusion of the Porter Analysis, it is apparent that RIM’s largest threat is their competition. The only other notable threat is the growing consumer buying power. If the company would become more innovative like their competition, it would add value to their product and take away from the consumers buying power. RIM’s market shares are decreasing largely due to the fact that they cannot compete with Apple and the Android because they are not offering new and differentiated products.

Pestel Analysis

* Political: RIM has

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