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The Dependables
“Your stocks are our business”

BlackBerry’s Rise in Brand Power
The Duelling Marketing Strategies of RIM versus Apple

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RIM and Apple are the two main companies in the smartphone market. RIM currently has a majority of the corporate and business professional portion of the market while Apple has a larger share of the mainstream consumer market with their new iPhone4.
How will BlackBerry successfully maintain the market place as well as grow against Apple’s growing success?
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BlackBerry has a good reputation, but the iPhone market share of the smartphone business is growing rapidly. The prices for the newest BlackBerry and iPhone are very close, except Apple is willing to drop the iPhone’s price in order to increase its sales and market domination. If RIM follows, its profits will be reduced and it does not have as many other products as Apple to compensate for this loss of profit.

SWOT Analysis

Brand recognition - BlackBerry has excellent brand image and loyalty.
Advanced key technology – Great product with advanced technology, such as the thumbwheel and QWERTY keyboard.
Enterprise market - One of the most trusted phones for the business-class mobile e-mail.

RIM business model – BlackBerry sells purely through operators which can be time consuming and costly.
Cost of ownership - - BlackBerry has a high total cost of ownership.
BlackBerry features - BlackBerry does not have a very large quantity of third-party software.

Expanding portfolio of offerings, features and applications - RIM should respond with smarter pricing and marketing strategies. Pack products for several categories and different segments.
Extend range of third-party
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