Rim vs Apple Case Study

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Many MNCs are trying to rationalise their investments in mobile email by selecting a single supplier. While this is not a key issue today, mostly because of the lack of viable alternatives, it will become an important factor for enterprise users to consider in the near future. · The BlackBerry architecture. The much-discussed network operating centre (NOC) is perceived, rightly or wrongly, as a weakness in the market today. Competitors have done a good job in popularising the belief that the relay centre (through which all information sent and received by BlackBerry subscribers transits, albeit in an encrypted form) is a security issue. So far, the campaign has not affected sales to security-conscious organisations in key sectors such as government and finance. However, the need for organisations to let data transit via a third-party server, and sometimes abroad, in order to use BlackBerry is in some respects a weakness. MKTG 1102 David Wan · High total cost of ownership. BlackBerry is now perceived as a high-end product that is not cost effective for enterprises wishing to deploy email across a large part of their organisation. Perhaps as a result, almost all RIM’s competitors now position themselves as cheaper equivalents of the famed BlackBerry. Claims made by competitors can easily be squashed today, because there is no data supporting them. However, in the future RIM should respond to such claims with smarter pricing and marketing

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