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Marketing Case Study RIMOWA
Marketing Strategies
RIMOWA is a medium-sized German company that manufactures mainly exclusive aluminium suitcases with an identifying brand-feature of groove pattern on which they hold a patent. The cases get assembled manually in numerous production steps and offer a high-end product in an upper price segment. RIMOWA therefore pursues a benefit-oriented differentiation strategy. As this enterprise is known for its high quality products and has been quite successful with it over the past years, which shows their double-digit sales growth figures, it wouldn’t make any sense to change the marketing strategy to a price-oriented one. As for the segmentation strategy, RIMOWA’s consumers are travellers like usual
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RIMOWA has to face strong competitors in the suitcase market who have the advantage of producing their -1-

Marketing Case Study RIMOWA products cheaper in low-cost countries. Gaining market share would therefore mean to squeeze out the competitors, what I believe is difficult to do. That’s why I believe market development is the best strategy RIMOWA can pursue considering Ansoff. RIMOWA should focus on gaining market share in new markets in which consumers show an affinity to premium products. The company already started to think about establishing an assembly facility in the United States, what I think is a good idea. As the brand appears in several Hollywood movies, a certain brand-awareness in this market must already exist. Having an assembly plant closer to the customer means better options in sales. In terms of finding new users in new geographical markets, I would highly recommend expanding to developing countries like Eastern Europe, in particular Russia and the Middle East. These markets stand out due to their economical growth and a high purchase power especially to expensive branded goods.

Marketing Mix To implement the strategies, we need to consider the marketing instruments. RIMOWA’s products stand for “design, quality of workmanship and clever innovations” according to the CEO Dieter Morszeck. Even though the company offers high-end

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