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THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY HEALTH SCIENCES CHS 623: Biostatistics Fall 2012 Instructor Information: Danielle Fastring, PhD, MS, MPH Dept Community Health Sciences Office Address: 108 North 31st Avenue Hattiesburg, MS 39406 E-mail: Time and Place: Monday 3:30 – 6:15 FG113 Text: Daniel, W. W. (2009). Biostatistics: A Foundation for Analysis in the Health Sciences, 9th edition. NY: John Wiley & Sons. Course Description: This course is designed to give students the basic skills to organize and summarize data, as well as an introduction to the fundamental principles and application of statistical inference. The course emphasizes an…show more content…
You are responsible for completing the homework. It will not be collected for a grade. Attendance: Attendance will be taken at each class. Students are permitted 2 unexcused absences. Upon the 3rd absence, your final grade will be dropped by 10%. Academic Honesty Policy: Students are expected to maintain complete honesty and integrity in the academic experiences both in and out of the classroom. Any students found guilty of dishonesty in any phase of academic work will be subject to disciplinary action. The University and its official representatives may initiate disciplinary proceedings against a student accused of any form of academic dishonesty including but not limited to cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, and multiple submissions. Cheating: The unauthorized giving, receiving, or use of material or information in exams, quizzes, assignments, or other course work, or trying to do so, with the attempt to influence a grade. Plagiarism: The use of ideas, data, or specific passages or others that are unacknowledged or falsely acknowledged with the purpose of influencing a grade. Any paraphrasing or quotation must be appropriately acknowledged. Unauthorized collaboration: Collaboration not EXPLICITLY allowed by the instructor to obtain credit for examination or course assignments. Multiple submissions: Presentation of a paper or other work for credit in two distinct courses without
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