Rio Tinto : The Leading Mining Groups

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Rio Tinto is one the leading mining groups in the world whose main focus is to find, mine and process the Earth’s mineral resources for different benefits both domestic and international. It is in its true essence a mining and metals’ company. It has its operations in more than 40 countries expanding across 6 continents and has an employee base of around 66000 in 2014. (RIO TINTO, 2014) Its strongest representation is in the North American and Australian territory though it also has its bases spread over in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. It has its main headquarters in the United Kingdom and the Rio Tinto group is comprised of two companies: Rio Tinto plc − a London and New York Stock Exchange listed company − and Rio Tinto Limited, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Rio Tinto claims that because of their global presence and with their expertise in technology and marketing it enables them to supply a quality and right product at the right time. (RIO TINTO, 2014)
Their vision is to be a company that is admired and respected for delivering superior value, as the industry’s most trusted partner. Their operations give them the opportunity to create mutual benefit with the communities, regions and countries in which they work, and their metals and minerals are transformed into end products that contribute to higher living standards. (RIO TINTO, 2014)
Its major products are aluminum, copper, diamonds, gold, industrial metals, iron ore, thermal and
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