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Ch 1 Quiz
1. regulation
2. Atom, molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ
3. Biosphere
4. Maintain a relat
5. 3
6. plantae
7. protista
8. protist will contain organelles
9. natural selection
10. modern
11. natural
12. artificial
13. theory must be supported by eveidence
14. be falsible
15. is the control group
16. a testable
17. observation
18. bright males
19. a function
20. observation

1. electrons
2. atom
3. A and B
4. electron
5. 2
6. it gains or loses electrons
7. three molecules of carbon dioxide
8. an oxygen atom in a diff molecule
9. shares; electrons
10. it forms hydrogen
11. it can form chemical
12. 7
13. breaking
14. dehydration synthesis
15. sugars
16. create more double
17. amino acids
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This changed dramatically once the early cells underwent photosynthesis. Explain why photosynthesis could have occurred in such an atmosphere and how it eventually affected the evolution of other organisms. (10 points)

--Answer below:

Photosynthesis occurred because there was a lot of carbon dioxide in the earths atmosphere. The early cells took the light from the sun along with carbon dioxide to produce oxygen in the earths atmosphere, allowing organism to survive and later evolve through evolution. If these early cells had not been able to go photosynthesis, the life on planet earth would be significantly different than it is now.

--Answer below:

Carotene was the most solluable, then Xanthophyll, then chlorophyll A.

Carotene was the most solluable, then Xanthophyll, then chlorophyll A.
12. a. In reviewing the data from the floating disk experiment, which factor had a greater impact on the rate of photosynthesis (light intensity or concentration of carbon dioxide)? (5 points)
b. How did the student come to this conclusion? (5 points)

--Answer below:

A. Light intensity had a greater impact
B. In the containers with higher light intensity, more Oxygen was produced than with less light intensity.

13. Based on the data presented in the table, which two containers could be correctly used to compare the rate of photosynthesis at two different light intensities? (5 points)

a. 1 and 2
b. 2 and 3
c. 1 and 5
d. 5 and 6
e. 4 and 5

--Answer below:

E. 4 and 5


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