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Riordan Manufacturing HRIS 1.Introduction 1.1.Purpose This document defines the high level requirements for implanting a human resource information system at Riordan Manufacturing. It will be used as the basis for the following activities: A project overview that identifies the areas of the document resources, glossary of terms, project overview on business to be improved, project risks, and lists the stakeholders associated with the project. Key assumptions and any project restraints. An identification of the business requirements of the service request. Process flow charts associated with the business requirements. The implementation approach including installation, testing, and training. 1.2.Document Resources…show more content…
This will need to be taken into consideration when implementing the new system in China. All Riordan sites have their own finance and accounting systems which supply records into a consolidated corporate system in San Jose. Sales and Marketing maintains historical records in many disparate databases, as well as paper files and microfiche. 1.6.Stakeholders The following include the internal and external stakeholders whose requirements are signified by this document: Name Business Unit Role Hugh McCauley Chief Operating Officer Executive Sponsor Yvonne McMillian Director of Human Resources Project Sponsor Maria Trinh Chief Information Officer Project Sponsor Andrea Gamby Manager of Human Resources Business Lead Terri Caraanza Manager of Human Resources Business Lead Silvija Peterson Manager of Human Resources Business Lead 2.Key Assumptions and Constraints # Assumptions 1 System will need to support 400 employees globally. 2 All existing documentation will be migrated over to the new system. 3 Workman’s compensation will be handled internally # Constraints 1 Language barrier with the Hangzhou China location. 2 Having access to all historical data. 3 Workman’s compensation is handled by a 3rd party 3.Business Requirements 3.1.Data Process, Control and Integration Riordan industry tasks are accomplished because of the need to communicate between many different departments and employees. These departments

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