Riordan Business Systems Proposal Essay

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Purpose The Riordan Industries corporate office has been performing a research project to consolidate their financial processes and production software packages. Not one of the three offices or corporate use the same system, which makes data collection, verification, and reporting difficult at best. They need to have a uniform business system throughout all the facilities, as well as procedures implemented in order to attain this goal of seamless data collection they are hoping to achieve. The customer will need to upgrade all their hardware in addition to their current software packages. General Ledger The customer currently is using several financial packages at each of its three facilities. The San Jose facility, the…show more content…
This would enable the users to revise the budget immediately, rather than having the budget go into deficit for a financial period. The accounts payable system would include vendor master records. The user would be able to store information about the individual vendors to include contact information, order from and pay to addresses, vendor taxes, 1099 information, and vendor notes. The vendor master could also hold invoice information for them, if the same expense accounts were always used for every item purchased from that particular vendor. With this feature enabled, the user would be able to load information onto a new invoice or purchase order based on the vendor master file, thus lessening the data entry and ensuring greater accuracy in the system. If a purchase order system is being used, there would be an area for products to be stored. Within the product module, specific data about each item could be stored to include item details and price so that detailed and itemized purchase orders could be entered into the system. This would also be directly linked to the inventory system, so that when an item is purchased an received in, it would automatically update the inventory, much as when an item was sold, the inventory would automatically be decreased upon shipment to the customer. If a purchase order is entered into the
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