Riordan Information Systems

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Riordan Information Systems Corporations are at their heart a means of creating wealth for their owners or shareholders. Success creates wealth; this creates competition as others seek to capitalize on the market. The emergence of new companies into the market begins a cycle of competition. Evaluation of staffing forces companies to find new and more efficient ways of producing their products while lowering cost to increase profit. This is because the cost of personnel is the largest line item of expense within the corporate budget (, 2010). Corporations can reduce staffing costs by automating repetitive tasks or using tools that create efficiency beyond human capabilities. The large number of applications…show more content…
The company owns an ERP package specifically designed for the plastics manufacturing process. Evaluation of this software product is essential to ensure the ability to handle the operations in Georgia, Michigan, and China to meet Riordan’s needs for scalability. A new ERP package research will be accessible should the current product prove incapable of meeting Riordan’s needs. Riordan Manufacturing will need to create a project plan for the ERP rollout to the company. Piloting the software at Michigan, Georgia, and China may necessitate purchase of additional hardware to provide service to the three locations. The distance between locations requires evaluation of software response. Determination of this evaluation dictates whether the server infrastructure will be throughout the company or maintained in the San Jose office. Upon completion of the ERP pilot phase and testing completed, loading information from the current finance and accounting information from and decommissioning of the old systems will commence. The adoption of the ERP software package throughout the enterprise will have a positive effect on the company. Through the elimination of data conversions and manual data reentry, the company can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete the monthly General Ledger, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet reports. The adoption of a single system instead of three will save Riordan money by reducing the IT staffing needs as it
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