Riordan Inventory or Manufacturing Processes Paper

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Riordan Inventory or Manufacturing Processes Paper University of Phoenix CIS 319 Computers and Information Processing Introduction The success of any manufacturing company is dependent on its manufacturing system design. The system design concept has been the basic force in manufacturing advancement. Without manufacturing design, all manufacturing would be stuck in the “square wheel” era. The first system design was the invention of the forerunner of the modern factory nearly 200 years ago. New design concepts are continually improving and impacting the worlds manufacturing. The Information Revolution is said to be a massive change in the way organizations conduct business. In this day and age when time and…show more content…
Handheld mobile computers are efficient, have the ability to scan and allow for accurate, real-time data and inventory control and can be used throughout the supply chain process to enable instant inventory adjustments. Bar-coding is essential for just-in-time systems. Using scanners with a handheld PC will decrease the number of errors that occur from manual entry of data for inventory purposes. (, November 2009) Transitioning to using bar code scanners and hand held PC’s will require that bar codes are created with the correct information and applied to all inventory. Riordan must determine which of their supplier’s already use a bar code system and which do not. Riordan must then work with the supplier’s that do not use a bar code system. Riordan must also communicate the change to their employees and provide training on the use and application of the new technology. (, November 2009) Project Constraints The requirements that will be needed to incorporate this system in Riordin will be a database which contains the entire customer information, a barcode scanning system, an online ordering program, and a printer that will print the shipping documents. Also, before the new system goes live, Team B suggests doing a full inventory to be sure that the inventory is accurate. Since the inventory will be automatically controlled in

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