Riordan Manufactoring - Team Strategy2

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Riordan Manufacturing – Team Strategy Plan


Riordan Manufacturing – Team Strategy Plan

Superintendents at Riordan Manufacturing believe teams are an essential way to distribute job duties and complete a task on time. Teams will begin to form from current employees and some new hire. The objective of the teams is to start production of the newly designed CardiCare Valve at the Pontiac Michigan facility. The purpose of this paper is to identify strategies available to form the teams. In addition there are challenges or barriers that may happen. Also how to determine the best strategy will be discussed. Last, to ensure effectiveness, certain measures were taken to determine each team’s success.
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Differences in opinions will occur, resolving these issues will help bond the team.
Determination of a Team’s Success To determine if a team is operating successfully, the superintendents will use an appraisal system. This will be an appraisal of the team, not of the members individually. The superintendents will sit down and observe the group in various stages of the project. There should be a advancement in communication from the beginning throughout the entire process. The appraisal will address how well the team communicates with one another, how it handles diversity, and conflict resolution. If there is not an satisfactory advancement in communication, the team leader will be advised with the expectation of addressing the issues with the team.
The creation of teams is an essential tool in the production of the newly designed heart valves. There are various strategies available to build the teams such as: leadership creation, allocating roles, using the diversity of team members, open communication, and conflict management. The diversity of the team can be a potential barrier that a good leader can turn into a positive. The best strategies stem from communication within the team. The more a team communicates the more potential for success it has. Periodic appraisals by upper management will help ensure that a team is operating to its potential and ability.

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