Riordan Manufacturing Case Study

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Introduction Recently, Riordan Manufacturing Hugh McCauley, Chief Operating Officer has made contact with Racquel James, Team Leader in regards to their Human Resource Information System. Riordan Manufacturing’s Human Resource Information System was installed in 1992, as part of the financial system package that keeps track of a variety of employee information ranging from employee personal information to organizational information in terms of budget issues, and department manager information. Being that this system was installed in 1992, Riordan Manufacturing needs to analyze, design, and implement a new Human Resource Information System that has to be completed by the start of the new fiscal year. Background Riordan Manufacturing is an industry leader in plastic moldings that specializes in precision medical devices, cooling fans, and custom designs. As of now Riordan Manufacturing has 550 employees, one plastic bottling plant in Albany, Georgia, one custom plastic parts plant in Pontiac, Michigan, and plastic fan parts facility located in Hangzhou, China that actually produces fan part As of now, Riordan Manufacturing focuses on the Six Sigma philosophy, which was “developed by Motorola that emphasizes setting…show more content…
The scope boundaries used to define the project is to integrated a new software system that keeps track of personal information, pay rate, personal exemptions for tax purposes, hire dates, seniority dates, organizational information, and vacation hours. The success of this project lies upon the project sponsor and the project manager who will work side by side in creating the project charter. The project charter will include documentation regarding the analysis of the old system, the design of the new system, and details on how this new system will be
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