Riordan Manufacturing Gap Analysis

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Running head: GAP ANALYSIS: RIORDAN MANUFACTURING Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing Jennifer Hansen University of Phoenix MMPBL/530 Human Capital Development December 7, 2009 Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing This paper will reflect the issues and opportunities that are surrounded by a company called Riordan Manufacturing, a global plastics producer who is presently experiencing diminishing sales over the past two years and has struggled to maintain its existence within the industry. Riordan Manufacturing has been resistant to change within its organization and the industry causing the organization to suffer overall. CEO, Michael Riordan recognizes that change is needed must take place for the company to survive, but…show more content…
The leadership team, namely CEO Michael Riordan has been looking at this situation earnestly for the past two years. The leadership team has struggled with making the necessary decisions, whether they be from avoidance or lack of how to knowledge as how to approach the situations successfully by increasing profitability and simultaneously implementing new organizational processes. The leadership team has their individual views about the company’s reward and compensation model that is presently being used and unsuccessful. They would like to resolve this problem with the least amount of out of pocket costs but with expeditious results to increase employee motivation and retention issues in the organization. The human resource department has insufficient system and practices to fulfill the objectives of the organization successfully. With a devalued sense of equity and expectancy of the HR and employee relations, any attempt of a flourishing organizational alignment is dismal. A human resource department is vital to the success of the management of people within an organization. The leadership team should realize this and utilize the strength that lies within the HR structure to its own advantage. The employees of Riordan Manufacturing are comprised of several bands of professionals, generations
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