Essay on Riordan Manufacturing Hardware and Software Selection

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Hardware and Software Selection
There is a necessity to have either hardware or software to integrate the accounting information into an automated system for viewing by the proper individuals. Below, Learning Team A will show who needs to access this information, what controls will be implemented, the type of reports to be generated from these hardware or software and importantly what type of information will be available through corporate Intranet and the Internet. Having the proper hardware and software integrating Riordan's data into automated systems will make life easier for those involved with all the accounting cycles, especially accounts receivable.
Who Needs Access To What Information

Many different departments of Riordan
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A detective control is designed to uncover an undesired problem that has transpired. This control is necessary when the preventive control has failed (Dunn, et al, 2004). The third is the corrective control, which is designed to restore a system to an approved or last known good state. A company usually establishes corrective controls to remedy problems that are discovered by the detective controls. One advisable procedure that can be implemented for this control is establishing training programs that can teach employees how to use the new automated system that can help them perform their job functions more efficiently and effectively.
It is necessary to recognize that any control strategy has to be tailored to address the risks to objectives that management identifies as unacceptable for the integration. The objective should be detecting risks that are materially threatening the goals of the organization and to reduce them to the point that management is more willing to accept.
With regard to software and which one is best when dealing with accounts receivable, there are many different programs available. The main thing the company must look at when purchasing software is that the system works for the company. There are many reports that are useful to companies within the Accounts Receivable cycle. We will name the one report that is the most important and gives the most information on monies owed to the company.
The report that provides customer payments

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