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INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM TO: HUGH MCCAULEY, COO FROM: SUBJECT: HR INTEGRATION PROJECT APPROVAL DATE: 11/23/2008 HR INTEGRATION PROJECT Mr. McCauley, the new HR system will utilize existing applications in use today combined into a single integrated system. The project has been rescheduled for a six-month release. It should be available by the second quarter of next year. When completed, the project will define the business requirements for the development of the HR system and create a detailed project plan that provides a list of all the tasks, resources, schedule, and budget requirements for project completion. The project will be managed using a modified waterfall technique. In this approach, the initial two phases of the…show more content…
Document system (estimate 58 days) This task starts in conjunction with the user interface task and continues through the entire implementation phase. Install system (2 days) Unlike upgrades and modifying existing systems, this new system does not require parallel installation. However, data cutoff, final conversion, and entry of queued work will occur. Implementation approval - Hugh McCauley Deliverables – Documented programs, user procedure manual, training and operations manual (include sections on data capture, data validation, system audit trails, verification of analysis, computer operating instructions, backup procedures, and security procedures), testing results, and implementation report. Train users (3 days) The training sessions are divided into three days so that the users being trained can be scheduled not to negatively impact the current work load. Presentation methods using MS PowerPoint will be the primary method of training. Electronic copies of the user manual will be emailed to the participants prior to the designated training session. Support Product The final phase includes training and transition of application ownership from the project team to Riordan Manufacturing 's IT department. Maintain system (10 days) Two weeks are allocated to discover any errors not discovered during the testing task. Review enhancements (15 days) Three weeks are

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