Riordan Manufacturing Hr System Analysis

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RIORDAN MANUFACTURING HR SYSTEM ANALYSIS BSA/375 UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX ONLINE INTRODUCTION Originating in 1992 Riordan manufacturing is a worldwide leader in manufactured plastics. Founded by Dr. Riordan, a chemistry teacher, they currently operate out of four facilities: Hangzhou, Pontiac, Albany, and San Jose. They are a fortune 1000 Enterprise whose revenue exceeds 1 Billion dollars. Their major clients include: The Department Of Defense, automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, and appliance manufacturers to name a few. The system we will be analyzing is their first Human Resources Information System (HRIS), which was implemented in 1992. It is integrated into the company's financial system, use for keeping…show more content…
The right individuals will provide relevant information and ideas. They will help establish the importance of the project, and ensure proper commitment trough their presence alone. Trough these key individuals the major issues will be identified and the best solution will emerge from different perspectives. Setting milestones or checkpoints throughout the project is also a key factor. These milestones can help with time, cost, and quality control. They can determine if the goals that were set have been met, and if the quality of the product is up to par. Since the timeframe is six months, these checkpoints will help to keep the project on time and within the budget. SCOPE "Organizations must look for ways to manage their internal processes efficiently while preserving the integrity of each practice." (Bianca, Audra 2014). There are currently 550 employees under Riordan's present system. This includes all four locations, which use different software in their HR departments. Because of this compatibility issues have surfaced, primarily between HR and the finance department. As a result of acknowledging the need for a new system, a budget of $150,000 has already been approved for the new project. The Finance system is also expecting a makeover, with an approved budget of $1,350,000 for the year 2005. The timeframe for completion and implementation is six months. Since it will build on and
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