Riordan Manufacturing Hr System

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Implementation Plan
A successful ERP Implementation Plan involves several steps. These steps include Project Planning, Architectural Design, Data Collection, and Testing (Raj, 2010). In addition, Training is a very important the implementation plan. During the project planning phase, deciding on project goals, project costs, and communication about deadlines and resources. Within the architectural design phase, decisions on programming languages or vendor selection are made. Data collection is the next phase according to Raj (2010). This phase includes collecting data elements important to the business and putting them into a format that can be loaded into the database. The next phase is the testing phase. The testing phase
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Software quality assurance is a very important part of the software development and installation. “The main objective of quality assurance is to avoid problems or to detect them as soon as possible” (Shelly, Cashman & Rosenblatt, 2003, p. 410).
The best case scenario is to have four instances of the system, a testing environment, a user acceptance environment, a production environment, and a training environment. The program can be tested on the testing and user acceptance environments.
The initial and most important step of the testing phase is creating the test plan. The test plan should include what features and functionality will be tested based on the confirmed requirements. The next step is unit testing or code review. Unit testing involves the QA person testing the code on their machine. Once code has passed the unit test, it will then be released to the testing environment for system testing. The QA person can then test the integration of the different modules of the code as a program rather than separate parts as well as to find and report bugs and any data inaccuracy. The next phase of testing is the user acceptance test. In this phase the users test the program for functionality and data accuracy. The test phase isn’t a linear phase, more of a circular, back and forth between the developers and the QA people. After all phases have passed, the next step would be to open a change
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