Riordan Manufacturing Hrms Integration Project

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Riordan Manufacturing HRMS Integration Project Narrative
Internationally renowned as the industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding, with innovative designs, attention to detail, extreme precision, and comprehensive quality control, Riordan Manufacturing 's current human resource management system (HRMS) and methodologies are surprisingly antiquated and disparate with low-tech strands. Hugh McCauley, Riordan 's Chief Operating Officer, has approved Service Request RM004 to analyze the current HRMS with the goal of integrating the disparate tools and centralizing all HR information into a single application.
Request for Project Plan
Before approving project funding, Hugh McCauley has requested a detailed project plan that
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Contingencies to deal with such project risks are alternate resources, outsourcing, task delay, additional hires, and priority shifting.
Draft Detailed Project Plan
Incorporate the needs analysis, ERD, DFD, and risk analysis with the high level project plan to produce the detailed project plan defining exactly what, who, when and how the project will be carried out.

Develop Budget and Delivery Timeline
The Project Manager will develop the preliminary budget and timeline based on the detailed project plan. Due to the uncertainties involved with estimating project requirements, management should build flexibility into the schedule. The Project Sponsor will evaluate the analysis results before formally approving the project plan, budget and timeline.
Secure Required Resources
The Project Manager can now list the appropriate resources to perform each phase of the project, the start dates for each resource, and the estimated amount of time each resource will be committed to the project.
Formal approval to move to the Design Solution phase must be given by the Project Manager.
Phase 3: Design Solution (Duration: 13 days, Cost: $6,760)
Functional Requirement Specification (FRS)
The FRS document will be designed to specify all behaviors of the system and demonstrates how every system
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