Riordan Manufacturing Management and Communication Plan Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing Management and Communication Plan Riordan Manufacturing’s main focus is to find solutions for their customer’s challenges and not be the challenge. In order to do this and maintain these long-standing relationships there will need to be changes to the company’s management and communication plans. These changes will provide more employee satisfaction and efficiency throughout the company. Unfortunately change always comes with some resistance from employees but Riordan Industries will strive to keep employees well advised and well supported throughout this change to maintain our innovated work environment. Power Structure Riordan Manufacturing infrastructure revolves around informal and formal power structures…show more content…
Also, having an employee or a couple of employees in place who are experts on the system to answer questions during the transition period can help avoid confusion among employees who may not understand the new system. Implementing Change Over the next 12 months the company has set-up strategies to help make the transition to a new management and communication system more smoothly for employees. First step will be set deadlines for the change. The next step will be companywide trainings on the new system by experts. The last step is to have an evaluation period for employees regarding the changes to allow for communication between managers and employees. Evaluating the Plan In order to evaluate the success of the planned change Riordan Manufacturing will first review the original business plan to familiarize with our initial strategic plan as we navigate through the evaluation process. Second, we will prepare an income statement for the first 12 months to evaluate the sales results. We will first compare the current sales with the results from the previous period prior to the change being implemented. Third we will compare the quantities of the businesses expenses to ensure that costs are not trending upward without reasonable cause. The final evaluation method is to survey our clients, employees, and business partners. We will ask specific questions through anonymous responses. The

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