Riordan Manufacturing Paper

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Riordan Manufacturing has grown from a small plastics research and development firm to a multinational plastics manufacturing power in the brief span of 14 years. This growth has seen Riordan expand their operation to multiple manufacturing and distribution points across North America and China. Riordan now services over 32 customers of varying size, including automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense, appliance manufacturers, and beverage bottlers. This rapid growth, enabled through a series of acquisitions, an excellent product line, and aggressive sales, has enabled Riordan to increase market share while maintaining excellent customer relations and competitive pricing. However, this growth has…show more content…
The recommendations for improvement fall into four distinct categories; streamline the inventory process provide an automated, customer-accessible ordering system (which allows customer to track products ordered in transit), create a centralized sales database to eliminate duplicated effort and streamline communication consolidate Riordan's distributed network infrastructure One of the biggest improvements to be made that would assist the manufacturing, delivery and shipping systems are changes to the inventory management system. The inventory management system needs to be upgraded to a less manual, more automated system utilizing barcode technology. Barcodes would be placed on every product built and/or raw materials received by Riordan. Inventory would be scanned when picked from the shelves, would be scanned when placed on transit, and would be scanned upon arrival and departure at any Riordan facility. This would be put into place for both raw materials arriving as well as products that are post-production and ready for distribution. With accurate inventory counts, the company could better forecast low inventory levels and drive manufacturing based on the available inventory and projected orders from our customers. The system will have reorder quantities established and will auto-reorder when inventory levels get
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