Riordan Manufacturing Physical Layout and Network Security

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Riordan Manufacturing Physical Layout and Network Security University Of Phoenix CMGT/ 441 Riordan Manufacturing Physical Layout and Network Security Riordan currently operates four manufacturing plants; three located in the United States (San Jose, California; Pontiac, Michigan; and Albany, Georgia) and one overseas (Hang Zhou, China). Each plant contains the same basic departments, to include Sales and Marketing, Operations, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology (IT), Legal, and Human Resources. There are a few things we…show more content…
Due to the internet and E-commerce, data security is even more important due to the possibility of hackers, viruses, and malware. Current Specifications By examining data security in regards to Riordan, it is apparent that very little exists. Riordan`s data security contains an assortment of random and disorganized systems that contain sensitive data, however none of these systems are linked, nor are any of them current with respect to memory, speed, and processing power. Additionally, employee information such as payroll records, completed training, and incidents involving complaints and harassment, are cataloged using Microsoft Excel, which has no real security measures other than a password protection option. Recommendations Due to the lack in data security elements, the following recommendations are suggested: strategy and risk assessment. Overall data security begins with the identification of risks and the strategy on the solution to those risks. This can be accomplished through a Strength Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis. Strengths and weaknesses are derived from internal factors, such as employees, while opportunities and threats are derived from external factors, such as hackers (Value Based Management, 2011). Web Security The Riordan WAN is connected to the Internet thus creating concern for the Network. The biggest concern is the Web server itself as it acts as an access point

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