Riordan Manufacturing : Project Schedule

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Riordan Manufacturing – Project Schedule Annette Hughes CMGT/420 April 20, 2015 Brian Keltch Project Scope The reason for this project is to help come up with a new Human Resources Client-Server Database system. The capabilities of the new system will be to centralize Riordan Manufacturing’s data and will help improve the overall security of the data within. This was conveyed to the IT department due to the increased volume of personal data currently being sent across unsecure data-lines, within Riordan. An employee’s information is treated with the care and securing that information is priority one. Because Riordan has several locations around the country, a centralized database system is needed to secure the employee’s information, but also remain accessible to the employee’s that need access to this informatio. The project will include the development of an inter-company network, which will have the capabilities of communication between each of the offices. Each location will have a network upgrade, which will be capable of handling the incoming and outgoing traffic, also the servers hardware will need to be upgraded and able to handle the increased workload. Project Goals Current System The current human resources system at Riordan Manufacturing is outdated and in need of improvement. The majority of the documents generated by the system are hard copy and stored onsite at each Riordan location. The possibility of a catastrophic event, such as fire,

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