Riordan Manufacturing Project Sr-Rm-002

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RUNNING HEAD: RIORDAN MANUFACTURING PROJECT Riordan Manufacturing Project Introduction Team B has obtained information for SR-rm-002 asking for an assessment for the development of an MRP system that would trace and run raw materials and give a finished product inventory. This evaluation is to help Riordan Manufacturing lessen the raw materials received at each plant, and manage and reduce the completed good inventory costs, at all its plants. This is a high level complete analysis, which will result in projected changes to the system; though it does not include an all-inclusive schedule for completion nor thorough scope by department. This paper will illustrate the system development life cycle process…show more content…
The growth of the company can only be maintained if all operation parts work simultaneously as a single unit. The goals of the organization must be achieved through accounting and financing systems that have been upgraded. Dr. Riordan a chemistry professor from Albany, Georgia founded, Riordan Manufacturing Inc. in 1993, he created many items that were patented in relations to polymer dispensing. The compounds are high in molecular weight in most cases almost a million units are created into some form of plastic and it is very strong. In the beginning Riordan manufacturing licensed panted and researched its creations Riordan manufacturing was one of the companies that spread through the World Wide Web. In 1993 Riordan plastic changed its name to Riordan manufacturing. The plant received business capital to expand production and purchased a manufacturing plant in Pontiac, Michigan, further expansion took place in the year 2000 and a plant was opened in China. Due to the international Expansion Riordan manufacturing structure has been recognized(Riordan, 2010). Proposed System Requirement List Riordan manufacturing has requested its information technology areas of telecommunication and network s he focus is on security and efficiency that Riordan manufacturing has encountered. The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method includes analysis needs and availability of

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