Riordan Manufacturing Supply Chain Design

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Riordan Manufacturing Supply Chain Design Shante Moore University of Phoenix/OPS 571 Introduction Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer and industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding with locations in Georgia, Michigan, California, and their most current expansion in 2000 to Hangzhou, China. The plant located in China manufactures fans using a make-to-stock operation that uses a forecasting method to determine future demand. A review of their strategic capacity planning and lean production for their new process design and supply chain process for the electric fans will address bottleneck and supply chain issues. Also outlined are the details of new processes and how the benefit the company. Forecasting…show more content…
The number of order are then sent to the production manager. The production manager is responsible manufacturing workflow. The PM will determine how many employees are needed, ensuring they are multi-skilled and implementing a process to switch production from the base fan to the custom order fan with minimal downtime. Multi-skilled employees reduce downtime from a production switch or if an employee is out sick, any employee can fill in. Once the fans are assembled, they move to the packing department. The packing department is responsible for packaging the fans for shipping or customer pick up. Lighter, less expensive packaging can be used for orders being picked up and heavier packaging can be used for local and international shipping. Currently, research and development is shipping fans. This is a problem because their expertise is not in shipping. This could also result in a bottleneck. Having dedication employees trained in shipping can reduce shipping errors. They will the experts in shipping regulations both locally and internationally. They will also address customer inquiries on shipping. Finally, research and development will focus on developing new technologies and addressing special order needs. Riordan is currently a leader in the fan market but without new technology, competitors will surpass them. Their focus should be on developing innovative technology for fans that are energy efficient and will encourage customers to

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