Riordan Manufacturing Team Building And Conflict Management

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Riordan Manufacturing Team Building and Conflict Management
Christopher McCall
February 3, 2015
Mr. Gene Waters

Riordan Manufacturing Team Building and Conflict Management

Riordan Manufacturing is launching a Card Care produce and in doing so is designing a team to care out the product launch. The company is looking to use some employees along with new hires to build the team needed to manufacture this new product. They will be using team building strategies to determine how to put to gather new team for this product and will also be looking at conflict management strategies and conflict management to handle any problems that may come about.
Part I: Strategy Plan There are different strategies that can be used to identify employees for a team. It is very important that when putting a team together the people have skills and are able to work well together. Reviewing their files would be a good place to begin. Looking at performance reviews and their strengths and weaknesses can help to determine what people to use on the team for this new project. This will only work for the current employees. With the new employees that are coming in to work on the project for the new product the data from the interviewing process and past job experience will help to determine how these employees can be best used in the new team that is being developed. There can be many challenges that arise during the development of this team. Employees that
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