Riordan Manufacturing Upgrade

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Riordan Manufacturing is a privately held company with plant operations in Albany, Georgia; Pontiac, Michigan; Hangzhou, China. The Corporate Headquarters are located in San Jose, California. Riordan Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Riordan Industries. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is Hugh McCauley and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is Dale Edgel. The Company employs a work force of 550 people throughout the four locations. Corporate Headquarters in San Jose, California has recognized a growing need to upgrade the network operating system. Riordan 's current operating system is Windows NT 4.0. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) Maria Trinh has asked the Manager of IT Services, Patricia Miller to assemble a team of IT…show more content…
The company would also have the ability to grant access to the Internet to users that need this resource while keeping others off the web. While most of the information that has been reviewed so far has some impact from a security point of view their still is the ability to grow the system. Windows 2003 is a network operating system that can grow with the company. Since the request to upgrade only the San Jose, CA location this will not limit the company to this location. Over time the company has the ability to integrate or update other locations to Windows 2003. This meaning that network administration can be centrally located to one or two locations, the first location would be used for the administration and the second location for back up and recovery.

Consideration of other Operating System

We decided to look at another Operation System (OS) besides Windows 2003. The Linux OS is an open sourced system and can be adapted to work with-in a multi-platform environment. First we looked at the fact that company wide we would have UNIX, Microsoft, and Linux if we went in this direction. Linux and UNIX work well together since Linux is based on Unix. They will be able to communicate with minimal intervention. Then the fact that the rest of the company would
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