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Riordan Manufacturing: WAN and Legacy Transition Problems Riordan Manufacturing's network configuration consists of infrastructure within four locations. The headquarters is in San Jose, CA and the other three are in remote in Albany GA, Pontiac MI, and Hangzhou, China. The investigation and detail required to demonstrate transition of WAN from Legacy to current design shows sources for which any problems may exist. Contributing information about the WAN includes the VoIP data router, satellite between headquarters and China, and T-1 connections …show more content…
VoIP systems implementation challenges consist of interoperability between multiple voice and data standards; networks transmission characteristics and protocols; regulatory guidelines and maintenance issues. (, 2006). These exist on top of connection used over satellite to Riordan's China location.
One of the critical drawbacks of VoIP service is its dependence upon another service, an Internet connection. The quality and overall reliability of the phone connection is entirely reliant upon the quality, reliability, and speed of the internet connection which it is using. (Wikipedia, 2006)

Global Implications of VoIP There will be lot of challenges posed to the existing regulatory frameworks and rules by the VoIP and thereby is considered a truly disruptive technology. VoIP must be regulated like the telecommunications industry. Thus, from legacy to VoIP there is more to consider with an enterprise WAN to support 4 locations.
There are several regulatory issues that concern VoIP technology. IP phones may not provide the reliability, identification, and proper routing of the emergency calls, but all public telecommunications operators provide a service which receives emergency calls and routes them to the nearest emergency call centre. In an age of global terrorism, the calls made from the IP phones are only digital packets

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