Riordan Manufacturing's Intranet Site Analysis

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Riordan Manufacturing Internet Site Sales and Marketing Page Introduction Riordan Manufacturing 's existing systems are for the most part manually-based and as can be seen from the Intranet site, not integrated into enterprise-wide workflows. Their lack of consistency is a liability to the company's ability to grow their business, hold onto existing customers and gain new ones. In order to scale a business profitability, a 360-degree view of the customer is essential (Sin, Tse, Yim, 2005). Clearly from the Intranet site, Riordan Manufacturing has much work to do in this area, in addition to integrating their manufacturing, supply chain and pricing systems to ensure customers get accurate quotes for new products. Analysis and Recommendations Riordan is comparable to many other manufacturing firms in that they have grown through a product-centric approach to selling. The Intranet site illustrates how companies grow when they compete on product features, price and availability, which over time can drive a company into having commodity-like business models. This needs to be avoided, as selling on benefits and value will ensure higher gross margins over time and a high chance of being relevant to customers as they also change. One of the most effective strategies Riordan can immediately do is implement a CRM system that captures customer preferences, including what they like most and least about the products that are being sold. Having insights into the most and leas
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