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Rirodan Manufacturing Telephony and Data Network Upgrade Proposal Team A Class Month Day, Year Instructor Rirodan Manufacturing Telephony and Data Network Upgrade Proposal Team A is proposing a thorough upgrade to Riordan’s phone and data networks. Our proposal will cover a description of the new system, its components and benefits to Riordan, as well as explain the requirements driving the need for the upgrade. We will cover the information used in the phone and data upgrades and discuss any security and ethical concerns of the system. We will be providing Riordan with diagrams of information flow and system components and business process changes incurred with the implementation of the new system. We will review the web and…show more content…
Cisco’s Unified Call Manager Attendant software will need to be installed on the PC’s of Riordan’s operators in order to perform their call attendant functions. CUCM has a number of high powered mobility functions. CUCM gives travelling and telecommuting employees of Riordan the ability to stay in touch with the rest of the company. The IM, video conferencing, and VOIP capabilities are all transferrable to employee mobile smartphones, tablets, and laptops with CISCO’s Mobile Communicator. Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager will also need to be installed on company servers. The minimum system requirements for servers are; a server operating system of Windows Server 2003 (we are recommending the newest software of 2012), 2.2 GHz Pentium Quad Core processor or faster, and a system memory of 4GB of Ram or greater. Team A is recommending an upgrade of the physical phones at all of Riordan’s four locations. Starting with the corporate headquarters in San Jose, CA. The San Jose phone layout will include 6 7975G IP phones. According to (Cisco, n.d.) the 7975G is, “designed to grow with your organization and enhancements to your system capabilities. The dynamic feature set allows the phone to keep pace with your requirements through regular software updates. Firmware changes can be downloaded from No hands-on moves and changes are required with the phone-you can simply pick up the phone and move to a new location anywhere

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