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Riordan Information System Business Requirements Over the last decade Riordan has expanded from a single hospital and pair of clinics to a health network that includes more than a dozen hospitals, as many small clinics and four pharmacies. Riordan’s impressive growth has resulted from a combination of new expansion, partnerships and buyouts and driven the company to become the dominant health care provider in the region. Unfortunately, this rapid growth has led to a situation in which different network facilities have different SOPs governing patient care, record keeping, billing and human resources and has begun to affect the bottom line of the company as it attempts to consolidate the disparate practices into a cohesive whole. With the…show more content…
Patient records, pharmaceutical records, will each have a dedicated data mart while financial and personnel records will share the third. Each data mart will backup to the data warehouse every 24 hours or as Riordan’s IT department specifies. To minimize disruptions at individual facilities should a data mart be temporarily cut off from the network active records are to be kept in local servers will which upload any updates needed to each data mart on an hourly basis. In this way should any given data mart become unavailable local facilities will still have access to active records. New applications will utilize off-the-shelf software components that have been customized per Riordan’s specifications and further messaged to ensure that each application will integrate smoothly with all the others in order to create a single cohesive whole. Great effort will be made to ensure that the data structures used in each are consistent in order to simplify the creation of the enterprise’s database. To help facilitate this, we will create an umbrella application that will integrate each other system as a module. This umbrella application will be extendable as needed and will act as a single-launch point for the various systems utilized by Riordan. We will also be working closely with Riordan’s IT department to develop a bridge that will enable them to easily port their existing databases into the new one automatically. Thin

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