Riot Gear 'Trend In M. T Anderson's Feed'

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“Riot Gear” in Stores Today! In today’s largely consumer-based society, it is easy to fall into the trap of following trends without knowing much about them. This blindness to the importance of historical background results in a great lack of knowledge and, in turn, empathy for our past’s monumental events. In an unseemingly direct reflection of the real world, M.T. Anderson’s Feed shows how the desire to buy products that are marketed as “cool” outweighs the significance of tragic historical phenomenons and leads to an utter loss of compassion. Anderson’s illustration of the girls’ clothes is a clear satirical representation of crazy trends that would never be accepted in our world today. Arriving at a party, Titus and Violet notice their …show more content…

They were walking normal, but they looked like they’d been burned up and hit with stuff.” Reasonably concerned, Titus “ran over to them. [He] was going, ‘Holy shit! Are you okay? What happened?’ and Violet, too, she was going, ‘Hey — are you okay?’ They stood there and looked at [them], then looked at each other like, Omigod! Someone is poopiehead!” (159). Besides the fact that their destroyed clothes are incredibly offensive, Violet and Titus are being treated as if they are foolish for even questioning them. They seem to be the only two to even take notice of the absurdity of the fad. Today, anyone would (hopefully) recognize how wrong it is - to take the pain and loss of others and turn it into another way to make money. Perhaps even more upsetting than the girls’ decision to wear the clothes is their lack of historical knowledge and compassion on the subject. While showing off her “Watts Riot top,”

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