Ripley Character Analysis

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Lambert at this point in the movie has completely lost her composer and is lost in fear and clouded with terror which is why Ripley is such a complex character she too is a women but doesn’t let her fear control her. She on the contrary is in charge, she is the one who overlooks everything and takes the initiative to be the leader of her crew. When it comes to taking charge she falls in comfortably and went from following protocol to fight or flight. In the face of danger people all react differently and in this case Ripley turned into a leader who is noble and gives clear messages and commands. Ripley eventually becomes the one and only living crew member. She had discovered the aliens nest where a barely recognizable Kane and Dallas where…show more content…
She was a leader and knew how to be in charge. Ripley was loyal to the rules she was also loyal to her crew. In the face of danger she didn’t let her fear take over her she stepped up to the occasion. Once she finally made it to the escape pod and the ship had blown up and she thought she had escaped she finally had her encounter with the alien. Within the moment Ripley fought she let everything she had out. She didn’t go in blindsided and thought about what she was going to truly do. Once she had her plan and had the alien fall out of the airlock she finally gave into her new damaged self. The alien was gone she didn’t have to be in the fight or flight mode she could be herself. The new Ripley was loyal, noble, a leader, and a fighter. [Last lines] Ripley: Final report of the commercial starship Nostromo, third officer reporting. The other members of the crew - Kane, Lambert, Parker, Brett, Ash and Captain Dallas - are dead. Cargo and ship destroyed. I should reach the frontier in about six weeks. With a little luck, the network will pick me up. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off. [To Jonesy the cat] Ripley: Come on,
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