Ripon College Experience Report

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My experience at Ripon College Communication and Crime Conference was educating, fun and interesting. I learned things that I didn't know before. During the Legal Consequences 16, 17, 18 I learned things about drinking and how you can't drive your friends home because if you got pulled over you would get fined because you are the one driving people that are intoxicated and underage which is against the law. Even though you were trying to be the good friend and responsible it's not the right thing to do. Also, I learned about the different levels of how you can be charged with crimes. There are many different kinds including felony which is one year or longer in jail, and a misdemeanor which is less than a year in jail. When you are 15 you can also be charged as an adult and be put in prison rather than juvey depending on what the judge decides. Another session I found interesting was High School Groups: Ins and Outs. In this session, I learned that there are many types of groups people can…show more content…
The speakers did not have a clear topic. In my group, we just kinda sat there. For me, I didn't learn anything from this session besides what Tyrannizing Image means. The ideal picture you have of a perfect person that you want to be and that person may do things just to make then ¨cool¨ or ¨popular¨ in school. For example, going to parties, doing drugs, skipping class, or disobeying your parents. I feel that the speakers were trying to get their point across by giving us real life examples and having us participate in the activities. I would recommend this conference to other students because it drew attention to problems in our society that we may be aware of but they made it more clear of what they were. My favorite part was lunch. They had a whole bunch of varieties you could choose from. The speakers were all very friendly and I felt like I could ask them questions or talk to them about
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