Ripping Off Americ The College Loan Scandal

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Matt Taibbi argues in his Rolling Stone article titled “Ripping Off America: The College-Loan Scandal” that the government is the primary source to blame for today’s appalling inflation rates on increasing student debt. Additionally, he argues that the reason the tuition is so exploitative and unfair, is because it was created to benefit two groups. The first being, “…colleges and universities, and the contractors who build their extravagant athletic complexes, hotel-like dormitories and God knows what other campus embellishments” (Taibbi). Next up, the other group that gains from the current system is the government. This is because, “…the government actually stands to make an enormous profit on the president 's new federal student-loan system, an estimated $184 billion over 10 years” (Taibbi). Further, Taibbi goes onto to state that students often have no idea what they are signing up for with student loans, because not all students have access to the same information. Finally, Taibbi mentioned that “because of the poor job market, young people may have less of a chance than ever to actually get a good job commensurate with their education” (Taibbi). This means that with no degree, students have no chance, but with a degree you are forced down a road of high risk, and at the end you are likely to be left with a ton of debt.

I think Taibbi did well to explain just how corrupt the student loan system is and how incredibly insane student debt has become. I found his article…
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