Ripple Effect Analysis

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A successful government is one that takes care of their citizens and makes the most positive change in the environment. Unfortunately, these terms were failed to be met by the government when it came down to Flint, Michigan. Citizens were given a vile taste of a selfish government that brought their city to a tumbling fall. The lack of social justice due to wealth played a large role causing the fall of the city of Flint. There have been many cases of officials not granting citizens with the best resources available. This example has been clearly stated in Wired Magazine’s article “Ripple Effect” by Ben Paynter. The author states, “The water authority realized it would be cheaper to build a new pipeline from Lake Huron instead of pumping water from Detroit. That would take…show more content…
After her family fell ill she contacted Mark Edwards. After Edwards conducted research he found 133 times the EPA lead limit. (Paynter 96-97) The author wrote, “The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality told Waiters the Problem was likely inside her house only” (Paynter 97). This shows that the government avoided a serious problem by telling Walters that the problem was in her home. This is while her family fell very ill and the Department of Environmental Quality completely ignored her concerns. However, not only do the people of Flint believe that the government has been absent through this crisis; so does Hillary Clinton, the Democratic representative for this year’s presidential election. When asked about the water crisis in an interview with James Comey, Clinton states that, “[Snyder] acted as though he didn’t really care.” This shows that even other politicians are dumbfounded by Governor Snyder's actions towards this. This statement did not stop others politicians to attack Snyder. Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders did not hold back. He went as far as calling for his resignation.
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