Rise And Fall Of The Ottoman Empire Essay

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Through civil wars, revolutions, and traditional wars, westernization and its manifest forces fragmented and eventually imploded the the greatly eroding Ottoman, Islamic and Qing civilizations. In our world we see a lot of empires that rise and fall, sometimes within a single lifetime and sometimes over the span of centuries. Empires fall for many different reasons. Civil and traditional wars are just a couple of big reasons that are covered in this analysis.
The Ottoman empire was one of the longest lasting empires in the world. At their height of the empire, they were the biggest superpower in the world. Many nations feared and respected the Ottoman empire. However, every empire must fall at some point and the Ottoman Empire fell as a result
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The decline of the Ottoman Empire began the Islamic Empire’s descent from greatness. The Ottomans defended the Islamic heartland because they had territory there. The Islamic Empire was a part of the Ottoman Empire, ensuring their defense and protection. With their empire down for the count the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, the majority of the Islamic land was poorly defended at a place and a time in the world when a strong defense is required in order to keep land. Napoleon was the first one to capitalize on this when he went and invaded Egypt. This move sent a shockwave through the rest of the Islamic empire. After Napoleons’s entrance into Egypt and the continued decline of the Ottomans, the other European countries began to attacked the empire. The sultans ignorance of Europe led to many defeats. The Islamic leader attempted to try and copy the French army that had so baldy badly beaten the Islamic empire. The leaser also tried to increase slave labor and that which was not received very well the by the people of the empire. Eventually the empire went broke and Europe continued to invade the many parts of this vast empire. These invasions and the a lack of strong leadership caused the empire to crumble and eventually
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