Rise Of China Essay

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The ongoing economic rise in China effects the US in many ways, including things that some people wouldn’t even consider. It can be seen that the Chinese are beginning to need more jobs, but can that be because some of theirs are being given to us? And, that’s not the only thing they’re giving us. China has the proven to be worst pollution in the world, and it has gotten to the point where the polluted air has travelled overseas to the US, and has begun to take a toll on us. But, they’re not only giving to us. Because of it becoming harder to find jobs, the students push themselves to the limit to become perfect, which could create competition with graduates here in America. I know that for me personally, it seems like everything I own is…show more content…
Because of all the factories closing, and difficulty finding jobs growing rapidly, some people are going to be forced to look for work in other countries, and maybe even another continent. And that’s where we come in. While they are losing factories (and jobs) we are making more to replace what they used to make in their factories. And the Chinese see this. They cram studying in as much as possible. They can be found studying all day on weekends, and it had even come to the point where the study so much that it damages their vision. They strive for perfection as work gets harder to find. They also have more people graduating from college each year than us. They have 7 million while we only have 2.8 million each year. This means that they have many very good student graduation that may try to come here to get jobs, which therefore takes one away from an American. This will affect me because the more they continue their changes in China, the more Chinese will look for jobs here, and the harder it will be for me to find one after I graduate college. As you can see, this Chinese economic rise is slowly creating important changes here at home. No matter if the changes are seen as good or bad, they can still take their toll on the American citizens. China’s economy is getting better, in fact they are even seen to possibly
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